7 Ways to Prepare for Your Medical Exam

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Medical Exam

If you’re in the process of getting your life insurance policy started then it’s likely that you’ll be taking your medical exam shortly. You should be prepared so you can be in the best possible health for your medical exam. The better health you are in, the lower your life insurance rates. Here are 7 ways to prepare for your medical exam.

  1. Modify Your Diet
  2. If you frequent the drive-thru’s, hold off for a while before your medical exam. Reduce your sugar intake, your salt consumption, and your fat intake. All of these things can elevate your blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Up your vegetable intake to actually improve your test results.

  3. Drink Lots of Water
  4. Many people think that drinking water will increase their weight, but it actually helps clean out your system and increases blood flow. It also makes it a lot easier to draw blood and gives you a higher energy level.

  5. Avoid Alcohol
  6. You really don’t want to have alcohol in your bloodstream during your medical exam because you’ll be labeled with problems with alcoholism. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before the exam. It’s even better to avoid it for the whole week before the exam since alcohol increases weight. These little things can help decrease your weight before the medical exam.

  7. Don’t Eat on Exam Day
  8. The things they are testing for with a blood test can be altered by eating food within 12 hours of the exam. So don’t eat any food on the day of the exam to keep your test results accurate. The only thing that should be consumed before your exam is water.

  9. Lighten Up on the Coffee Drinking
  10. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, drinking multiple cups in the morning, cut back for the day of the exam. Save your coffee drinking for after the exam. You are only supposed to consume water, and coffee can increase your blood pressure.

  11. Work Out AFTER the Exam
  12. Yes, this seems weird that you’re not supposed to work out before your medical exam. But intense workouts increase your blood pressure and pump large amounts of protein into your urine. High protein levels in urine can be read as having kidney problems. The insurance company won’t know that you worked out before the exam and assume you have kidney problems.

  13. Avoid Smoking
  14. If you’re a smoker, there isn’t really a way to hide that and you should never lie to life insurance companies. Nicotine in your system can increase your blood pressure, so avoid smoking at least an hour before the exam. There are ways to get non-smoker rates if you only smoke cigars.

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