Benefits of Providing Health Insurance for Your Employees

Benefits of providing health insurance for your employees

Businesses don’t get very far without employees. They are the most valuable asset to your business. So why not take care of them and provide them with health insurance? There are even benefits of providing health insurance for your employees.

  1. Your Business Will Attract the Most Qualified Employees
  2. If your business competitors are offering health insurance, then in order to compete, your business should too. You are more likely to attract employees to your business by providing health insurance. Not only will you attract these employees, but you are more likely to hold on to them. Many employees have said that health benefits are a very important aspect of whether or not they take a job.

  3. You Gain Tax Advantages
  4. Employers can deduct 100 percent of their employees’ health insurance costs as a business expense.

  5. You May Be Eligible for a Tax Credit
  6. Small businesses with less than 25 employees may be eligible to receive a tax credit if they purchase small group health insurance for their employees. Find out if you qualify for the small business tax credit!

  7. More Productive Employees
  8. Healthy employees tend to be more productive. A health insurance plan for your small business provides preventative care for your employees, so they can stay healthy. If your employees don’t have insurance, they are less likely to get yearly physicals. This could result in your employees out for a long period of time due to serious illnesses. Healthy employees are more productive, work harder, and bring in more profits for your small business.

Overall, providing health insurance for your employees will benefit them in many ways and result in benefits for your small business.

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