Group Insurance Wellness Programs

group insurance wellness programs
Keeping employees healthy is important and has a lot of benefits including:

  • Improved productivity and employee retention
  • Better employee health and morale
  • Lower health-related costs

Some health insurance companies offer different wellness programs for employees to benefit from. Some even offer incentives if employees participate in them. If you’re having a hard time making your decision on what health insurance company to choose, perhaps details of their wellness programs will help. Below is a breakdown of what these companies offer:


Aetna works to help their employees get and stay healthy. They have personalized online health programs for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Eating healthy and getting physical activity
  • Sleeping better
  • Quitting tobacco
  • Living well with asthma
  • Increasing physical activity

Aetna even has programs specifically to help women including:

  • Maternity program
  • Infertility management
  • Breast Health Education
  • Genetic Testing

They also offer personal health and wellness coaching, a mindfulness program, workplace wellness, metabolic syndrome solutions, a get active program, and an informed health line and more.

Group Health

Group Health offers online resources giving employees information about conditions, diseases, symptoms, drugs and medicines, pregnancy and newborn care, children’s health, teen health, adult health, and healthy living and wellness.
They also offer a variety of classes, events, and support groups for employees to attend. Some of these include:

  • Cancer Support Group
  • Facilitated by a Group Health social worker – these classes meet once of week and are open to cancer patients, their family members and friends.

  • Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group
  • A group specifically for caregivers to share their experiences and give emotional support to each other.

  • Childbirth & Parenting Classes
  • GroupHealth member have access to a variety of prenatal and postpartum classes in the Puget Sound area.

  • EnhanceFitness
  • This one hour class is offered at participating locations. It also accommodates to people who are unable to stand.

  • Senior Zoo Walkers
  • This class allows for people to stay fit and healthy through walking while learning about the zoo animals.

  • Healthy Aging Preventative Care
  • This class is designed for people of any age. It will give you tips and resources to put together a healthy lifestyle plan.

Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross offers programs that support a doctor-patient relationship. They want their employees to take a more active role in managing their health. They offer an employee assistance program that collaborates with Vivacity. Vivacity has integrated wellness programs using strategic elements including:

  • Participation. They work to get more employees to join and use the health and wellness program.
  • Engagement. Maintaining employee interest is an important tactic as it causes employees to keep coming back.
  • Climate. Vivacity builds a sustained culture of health across organizations in order to support participation and engagement.

Premera also offers incentives for employees who participate or achieve certain aspects of the wellness program. The rewards include:

  • Employers will save 7.5% on premiums for each employee who completes wellness activities
  • Employees who qualify can receive telephonic health coaching at no additional cost
  • Employees will earn a $100 Visa® debit card – once they have completed the wellness activities

Regence Blue Shield

Regence Blue Shield wants to add healthy habits to employees’ lifestyles. They have a variety of wellness programs to choose from that offer reward points. Once an employee has enough reward points they can earn a gift card. Some of the programs they offer include:

  • General Health Assessment
  • The General Health Assessment allows employees to see what health risks they have and see what they need to do to address those risks.

  • Wellness Workshops
  • The Wellness Workshops offer information on health and life skills. Employees can track their progress and earn rewards points.

  • Logs, Demos, & Plans
  • Employees can track their exercise to make sure they are doing enough strength and cardio. They can watch how-to videos and try new exercise plans.

  • Nutrition
  • The nutrition program give employees access to healthy recipes, a meal planner, and a food log for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Rewards
  • All of these programs can go towards the rewards program to give employees a gift card.

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