Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers

life insurance for cigar smokers

Non-Smoker Life Insurance Rates for Cigar Smokers

It is well-known that anyone who uses tobacco will have higher life insurance rates. But did you know that it’s possible to get non-smoker rates? Using cigars is not always classified at a cigar smoker rating. Many cigar smokers who enjoy a cigar from time-to-time don’t categorize themselves as smokers. But if you do smoke cigars every once in a while, you must tell the truth when asked about tobacco usage. During the medical exam of getting life insurance, they test your urine to determine if there is any nicotine in your system. If nicotine is found it can appear as if you were lying if you marked that you were a non-smoker. It is never a good idea to lie to an insurance carrier, especially because you can still get affordable coverage if you are honest about how often you smoke cigars.

Life insurance companies give quotes based on health ratings. There are four categories that applicants can be placed into – Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, or Standard. Most tobacco users will automatically be placed in the standard category. But there are some providers who will give you non-smoker rates if you only smoke cigars and do not use any other tobacco products. Here are the best life insurance companies for cigar smokers to choose from for non-smoker rates.


On average, if you smoke less than one cigar per week, AIG will consider placing you in a Preferred Plus health rating. You must also have not used any other tobacco product besides cigars in the past five years.

Banner Life

Banner Life will also consider placing you in the Preferred Plus category, but only if you smoke on average less than one cigar per month. You must also have not smoked any cigarettes in the past three years. If it has been two years since you smoked cigarettes, you can qualify under their Preferred non-smoker health category. If you have gone without cigarettes in the last twelve months, you would be placed under the Standard Plus or Standard category.


Genworth will consider you for their Preferred Plus rates if your average cigar usage is only twelve per year.

ING Reliastar

ING Reliastar will consider you for their Preferred Plus rate is you smoke no more than one cigar per week on average.


MetLife is a little bit stricter. You may qualify for their Preferred Plus rate if your average cigar use is less than four per year.

Mutual Omaha

To qualify for Mutual of Omaha’s Preferred Plus rates, you must only smoke no more than one cigar per month.

Protective Life

If you smoke less than six cigars per year, then you may qualify for Protective Life’s Preferred Plus non-smoker rates. If your cigar usage is no more than twelve per year, you could qualify for the Preferred rates.


Prudential is the most lenient of the insurance companies when it comes to tobacco products. They don’t care how many cigars you smoke per year or whether you use chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, or the patch. They save their smoker rates for those who actually smoke cigarettes.

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