Possible Deal on Health Care

Possible Deal on Health Care

Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray reached a possible deal on health care to restore the Affordable Care Act (ACA) cost-sharing reduction payments for two years in exchange for more state flexibility. The plan would restore just over $100 million of funding for ACA outreach. Republicans would get a provision they wanted – a drastic […]

Benefits of providing health insurance for your employees

Benefits of Providing Health Insurance for Your Employees

Businesses don’t get very far without employees. They are the most valuable asset to your business. So why not take care of them and provide them with health insurance? There are even benefits of providing health insurance for your employees. Your Business Will Attract the Most Qualified Employees If your business competitors are offering health […]

term life insurance mistakes to avoid

Term Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Buying term life insurance can be confusing – you have to try to figure out how much you need to how long you’ll need it. A lot of mistakes are made when buying term life insurance, so here are the ones that you need to avoid. Buying Too Little Coverage If you are the primary […]

home and auto insurance

Stanwood Home and Auto Insurance

Looking for Auto Insurance? We can help if you are buying your first auto insurance policy or shopping car insurance because you want switch insurance carriers. We have experience finding coverage for all kinds of drivers, whether they are experienced drivers, first-time drivers, or high-risk drivers. Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Before you actually sign on […]

5 Exercises for Strong Bones

5 Exercises for Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is very common in people over age fifty. It causes the bones to become brittle and prone to fractures and typically results from a lack of calcium or vitamin D. Doing certain exercises can help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. Here are some exercises to try out to build up bone strength. Before […]

benefits of term life insurance

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance can be purchased for set amounts of time – ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years. Generally, people who buy this type of life insurance are certain that they won’t need it after the term is complete. People who usually buy it are those who just bought a house and have a fifteen […]

Enroll in Medicare

Enroll in Medicare

So you’ve just turned 65 and don’t know what to do about Medicare? If you haven’t done so already, enrolling in Medicare should be your first priority. The window to enroll in Medicare is three months before your 65th birthday, your birthday month, and the three months after your 65th birthday. If you don’t know […]

What to do Before Turning 65

What To Do Before Turning 65

If your 65th birthday is coming up, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to prepare for Medicare. This is a common question for those who have yet to join Medicare. LifePlan Financial is here to help you prepare for Medicare. There is a lot to learn so you should start […]

HRAs Now An Option for Small Business Owners

HRAs Now An Option for Small Business Owners

HRAs Are Now An Option for Small Business Owners A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is employer funded to help employees pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as copays and deductibles. It is IRS-approved and can be paired with any health insurance plan. How it works is the employer sets aside a set amount of money […]

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